Most international students require a student visa to study in Australia.

International students who are considering studying in Australia can find information at the Department of Home Affairs site.

Visa conditions

Under a student visa, you must satisfy certain conditions, such as completing your studies within the time frames set out in your electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE), and being enrolled in the required number of units of credit per Term. If you fail to meet any of your visa conditions, your visa may be cancelled.

Please read the conditions of a student visa carefully. 

Health cover

If you are in Australia on a student visa you will need to pay for health insurance through the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) scheme and maintain insurance for the duration of your visa. 

All international students must be covered by health insurance from the date they arrive in Australia until the date they depart, regardless of when they start or finish their program. It is your responsibility to ensure your health insurance policy matches your arrival and departure dates.

The only exception is for students from Belgium, Norway, and Sweden who are covered by CSN or Kammarkollegiet. These students will need to provide proof of official health insurance cover from their home government provider.

There are five registered providers:

Find out more about OSHC at the Department of Health site. 


Most student visas allow you to work up to 40 hours per fortnight while your program is in session and unrestricted hours during the university breaks. Note that you aren't permitted to work until you have started your studies.

Read more about visa work conditions.

Family members

Most student visas allow international students to bring their dependent family members to Australia. Dependent family members include your spouse or de facto partner and dependent children. 

Find out more information at the Department of Home Affairs website. 

Under 18

There are specific visa and arrival requirements for students under the age of 18. Find out more about Under 18 International Students.


If you have difficulties understanding your student visa or wish to discuss any personal issues, contact International Student Experience Unit (ISEU) for assistance.

For more information about visas to Australia, go to the Department of Home Affairs website. 

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