Inbound: Study Abroad & Exchange

Live the dream and study with UNSW Sydney.

Studying abroad is about more than just your degree – it’s about meeting new people, enjoying new experiences and shaping your personality as well as your future.

And where better to do that than UNSW Sydney? Whether you undertake a virtual or an in-person Study Abroad or Exchange program (once travel is possible), studying with UNSW is a great way to expand your education, boost your work opportunities, and experience some of the Australian lifestyle.

Studying virtually gives you the flexibility to study from one course up to a full-time load at UNSW so you can combine this with courses from your home university.  You get to experience UNSW online and develop your global competencies and make international connections from the comfort of your own home.

And what’s more, our innovative academic calendar aligns well with Northern Hemisphere university calendars. So, you can study with us when it suits you.

Please note that all in-person study abroad and exchange programs remain closed until mid-2022.  UNSW continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation and relies on advice from Australian Federal Departments as well as the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for travel related matters.  While we are hopeful that travel can be possible for the second half of 2022, there is no guarantee, and we recommend you consider our virtual programs in the meantime.

We look forward to welcoming you online soon or Down Under at UNSW Sydney when travel resumes. 

For more information refer to the Study Abroad and Exchange sections below or see our 2022 Study Abroad and Exchange Guide

Experience UNSW Sydney

UNSW has much to offer.  We are a top 50 university with fantastic campus life. With education at the heart of our work, our students learn in a world class teaching environment.

Campus life

UNSW has a vibrant campus life.  Join the UNSW 360 online Campus Tour and explore everything our campus has to offer. 

Campus facilities

We have dozens of cafes and restaurants, banks, ATMs, a post office, supermarket, food cooperative, pharmacy, medical centre, dentist, libraries, a fitness and aquatic centre, sports fields and courts!


If undertaking an in-person program you may wish to apply for one of the on-campus housing options or choose to live off campus and enjoy the beautiful suburbs that surround UNSW. Sydney is a safe city, with public transport connecting the UNSW campuses, beaches, and city centre.

UNSW offers on campus Colleges and Apartments that range from full board, partially catered and self-catered along with options for male only, female only or mixed accommodation. 

If you are looking to live off campus, we have lots of information to help you make a decision.  

See all our accommodation options and get advice.   

Study areas

If you join us in-person, we have indoor computer labs and outdoor study areas so you can find the right vibe to suit your study style. Our outdoor areas have power outlets to charge your devices, and our whole campus has free Wi-Fi.

Student Association, Clubs and Societies

Arc is our student association run by students for students. With over 300 clubs and societies, you’ll find a group that’s right for you either online or in person! They also run lots of social activities.  Get amongst it. Visit

Social activities

Make the most of your time with UNSW and get involved in our virtual social activities. They are hosted by Student Ambassadors to give you a taste of UNSW.  For in-person, you may wish to see some of Australia’s natural wonders, take a weekend trip to the Blue Mountains, the Royal National Park or Hunter Valley, go whale-watching, surfing and more.

Support Services

As an Exchange or Study Abroad student, you have access to UNSW support services, including wellbeing and health, access to online resources, Equitable Learning Services, academic skills support, Library resources and much, much more!

Religious centre

We welcome students from all religious backgrounds to our interfaith religious centre. Chaplains conduct services and studies and offer spiritual counselling.

Staying safe

Student safety is our number one priority. We provide 24/7 security services and have an app to help: [email protected].

Flexible Study

Our innovative calendar makes it easy for you to plan your studies to suit your academic needs and your timeframe. We have three standard terms as well as a Summer (January) term and a Winter (August) term. So, you can choose between a Standard Term, a Tailored Term, a Double Term or one of four year-long options.

Take a look at our calendar and see which term suits you.

Term UNSW Credits ECTS Number of Courses Orientation Date Start Date End Date Exchange CRICOS Code Study Abroad CRICOS Code
Short Course Programs
Summer (January) 6 7.5 1 4 Jan 4 Jan 7 Feb Program Not Open N/A
Winter (August) 6 7.5 1 11 Aug 15 Aug 9 Sep Program Not Open N/A
Semester-long Programs
Tailored Term 1 (Summer + Term 1) 24 30 4 4 Jan 4 Jan 12 May 000732G 097353F
Term 1 18 22.2 3 10 Feb 14 Feb 12 May 097364C 097354E
Term 2 18 22.5 3 26 May 30 May 25 Aug Program Not Open 097354E
Double Term 2 + Term 3 24-36 30-45 4-6 26 May 30 May 8 Dec Program Not Open 097360G
Tailored Term 3 (Winter + Term 3) 24 30 4 11 Aug 15 Aug 8 Dec 000732G 097356C
Term 3 18 22.5 3 8 Sep 12 Sep 8 Dec 097364C 097357B
Term 3 + Summer 24 30 4 8 Sep 12 Sep 4 Feb 2023 000732G 099644A
Double Term 3 + Term 1 24-36 30-45 4-6 8 Sep 12 Sep 13 May 2023 097370E 097360G
Year-long Programs
Term 1 + Term 2 + Term 3 48 60 8 10 Feb 14 Feb 8 Dec 027951G 097355D
Term 2 + Term 3 + Term 1 48 60 8 26 May 30 May 13 May 2023 Program Not Open 097358A
Tailored Term 3 + Tailored Term 1 48 60 8 11 Aug 15 Aug 13 May 2023 027951G 097359M
Term 3 + Term 1 + Term 2 48 60 8 8 Sep 12 Sep 26 Aug 2023 027951G 097358A

For more information on the study plans available at UNSW please visit Academic Calendar for Inbound Study Abroad and Exchange. For a list of key UNSW dates see the UNSW Academic Calendar: UNSW Academic Calendar.

Simply Tailor your Term

You have the flexibility to build your Study Abroad or Exchange program based on the number of credits you need to transfer back to your home institution. The full-time academic load at UNSW is 48 UNSW credits (60 ECTS) per year, which is usually taken over 8 courses.

To decide the best term option for you, work out how many credits you need to transfer back to your home institution, which term dates suit, and build your program from there.

Standard Terms:
For those wanting 18 UNSW Credits (22.5 ECTS/3 courses)

Tailored Terms:
For those wanting 24 UNSW Credits (30 ECTS/4 courses). Students take 1 course in either our Summer (January) or Winter (August) Term, and 3 courses in a standard Term.

Double Terms:
For those wanting even more flexibility, you can choose 24 UNSW Credits (30 ECTS/4 courses) or add extra courses to boost this to 30 UNSW Credits (37.5 ECTS/5 courses). For the super studious, you can even do 36 UNSW Credits (45 ECTS/6 courses).
Double Terms can be like taking a Summer School and Semester away! Term 1 + Term 2 may align with your Spring Semesters plus Summer, while Term 2 + Term 3 your Summer plus Autumn Semester.

What can I study?

As one of Australia’s top, comprehensive universities, UNSW offers a width breadth of courses for study abroad and exchange students across six faculties:

  • Arts, Design & Architecture
  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Law & Justice
  • Science
  • Medicine & Health (students cannot enrol in clinical Medicine courses)

For a full listing of the UNSW courses on offer, please visit the UNSW Student Handbook.  You can search for online and in-person courses.  If you are planning to study with us virtually, make sure you check the course is offered completely online and does not have any face-to-face components.


The UNSW Study Abroad and Exchange team hosts a compulsory orientation for all students before the start of term, which we hope is lots of fun.  If you are joining us virtually, orientation will be held online.  For in person study abroad or exchange, we recommend you plan to arrive in Sydney a few days prior to the compulsory orientation to settle in, finalise your enrolment and secure accommodation.

Study Abroad

University students can come to UNSW Sydney through our Study Abroad Program and pay fees to UNSW. Students can apply directly to the program and no agreement is required.  An official transcript will be issued to you upon conclusion of your studies at UNSW, and credit can be transferred back to your home institution.

Study Plans

Short programs

Choose from:

Summer Term | Winter Term

Semester-long programs

Choose from:

Standard Terms:

Term 1 | Term 2 | Term 3

Tailored Terms:

Tailored Term 1 | Tailored Term 3 | Term 3 + Summer Term

Double Terms: Term 1 + Term 2 | Term 2 + Term 3 | Term 3 + Term 1

Year-long programs

Choose from:

Term 1 + Term 2 + Term 3 | Term 2 + Term 3 + Term 1

Term 3 + Term 1 + Term 2 | Tailored Term 3 + Tailored Term 1


What can you study

You can study almost any course at UNSW Sydney as long as you have the required background knowledge. You may also be able to take Practice of Work to gain industry experience or research placement.

A complete list of courses can be found in the UNSW Online Handbook.

We recommend you check our Online Timetable to ensure that your chosen courses are available. Enrolment is subject to course availability and your academic background. It is important to be flexible with your course choice as some fill up quickly or may not be offered in a particular term.

Entry Requirements

General: UNSW WAM 65 or equivalent 
USA: 2.7 GPA (B-)
Europe: C grade on ECTS system
China: Non-211: 70% UNSW WAM equivalent,
211: 65% UNSW WAM equivalent

English requirements

You may be asked to provide evidence of your English proficiency to study at UNSW depending on your educational background and citizenship.

Gap year students

Students who have completed high school or secondary level are eligible to enrol with UNSW Study Abroad. You would be eligible to enrol in entry level classes, similar to any UNSW first year student. Gap year student applications will be assessed similar to full-degree eligibility requirements. Contact us for more information.


You can study almost any course at UNSW Sydney as long as you have the required background knowledge.  Enrolment is subject to course availability and it’s important to be flexible with your course choice.  

Tuition and fees

Tuition fees for Study Abroad students are payable directly to UNSW. Students may elect to either enrol in 3 or 4 courses per term. It is important that students check with their home institution about their university’s enrolment requirements. 

2022 Tuition Fees (per Term or Tailored Term)

(Per term)
FEE (Per
Undergraduate program A$9,990 A$13,320
Postgraduate program A$10,560 A$14,080


Overseas Health Cover (OSHC)

If you undertake an in-person study abroad, you are required by the Australian government to have OSHC medical insurance for the duration of your student visa with the exception of Norwegian, Swedish and Belgium passport holders. Details are provided to students on their acceptance.  The Study Abroad team will purchase health cover on your behalf through Medibank Private. 

Please note that OSHC is not required for virtual study abroad and visa documents are not issued. 

Apply now

Applications for the UNSW Study Abroad program are submitted through the Open Academies Endeavour application platform. To start your application, click here to create your profile and follow the prompts.

If your home university is a direct enrolment partner, please check with your advisor at home to see if there is an internal application you need to first complete.

Once your application is submitted, you will need to complete the following steps ahead of your arrival in Sydney:

  • Receive your Letter of Offer from UNSW Study Abroad
  • Accept the terms and conditions of your offer and, if applicable, pay your deposit and/or fees


The following steps are not applicable for virtual study abroad

  • Start to consider if you want to stay off campus, or apply for in-campus accommodation

  • UNSW Study Abroad will send you a certificate of enrolment (CoE), the document required to apply for a study visa

  • Apply for your student visa

  • Confirm your visa and book your travel to Sydney

Contact us
UNSW Study Abroad
T: 61 2 9385 3179


University students from partner universities can come to UNSW Sydney through our Student Exchange Program and pay tuition fees to their home university. An official transcript will be issued to you upon conclusion of your studies at UNSW, and credit will be transferred back to your home institution.

We are currently offering Virtual Exchange while travel is not possible.

Check if your university is one of our partners at

If your home institution is not one of our exchange partners then you can still come to UNSW through the Study Abroad program.

Entry Requirements

Students currently enrolled at one of our partner universities can apply for the UNSW Exchange program and  need to be nominated by the Exchange Office at their home university.  The entry requirements are the same for both virtual and in-person exchange and you will be assessed according to the following eligibility requirements:

  • Credit average, 3.0 GPA or equivalent
  • English: Students must meet UNSW’s established English Language Requirements. If English is not your first language, you will need to provide proof of your English proficiency at time of application
Courses and Enrolment 

While most Faculties will accept suitably qualified exchange students, in some areas restrictions do apply. You can study almost any course at UNSW Sydney as long as you have the required background knowledge and it is offered in the delivery mode you need. Enrolment is subject to course availability along with delivery mode and it’s important to be flexible with your course choice. 

You can study across multiple faculties/schools and should choose the level appropriate to you.  A complete list of courses can be found in the UNSW Online Handbook.  We recommend you also check our Timetable to ensure that your chosen courses are available. 

In-Person Exchange
All in-person exchange students are required to enrol in a full-time load. It is also important you are available for the entire exam period.  Your personal exam timetables will be released mid-term and you should not make travel arrangements until you have received your exam timetable.  

You can view the In-Person Exchange Fact Sheet for details.

Virtual exchange 
Students have the flexibility to choose between one course up to a maximum of a full-time load at UNSW and should discuss their options with their home university.  Students wishing to take a full-time load need to ensure they can find sufficient online courses and should check courses are offered completely online, including all assessments and exams.  

We recommend you review our Virtual Exchange Fact Sheet for details. 

How to Apply 

Once nominated by your home university, you will receive an email with instructions on how to apply for Exchange. Our application process is online.  

As part of your application you will need to upload supporting documents including your transcript, copy of passport and proof of language ability if appropriate. You should also check the name on your application is the same as your passport.  

Your application will be assessed after the application deadline and if successful you will receive your acceptance by email. You will be asked to accept your offer and further information on enrolment and getting ready will then be emailed to you in the lead up to the start of your exchange. 

Application deadlines

Exchange has two application deadlines per year: 

Term Deadline
Summer Tailored Term 1 & Term 1 15 October of previous year
Winter Tailored Term 3 & Term 3  1 April of same year
Overseas Health Cover (OSHC)

If you undertake an in-person exchange, you are required by the Australian government to have OSHC medical insurance for the duration of your student visa with the exception of Norwegian, Swedish and Belgium passport holders. Details are provided to students on their acceptance.  UNSW Exchange will then send you a certificate of enrolment (CoE), the document required to apply for a study visa.  You should confirm your visa and book your travel to Sydney to arrive in time for orientation.  

Please note that OSHC is not required for virtual exchange and visa documents are not issued. 

Contact us
UNSW Exchange
T: 61 2 9385 3179
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