Sponsored students

We welcome sponsored students from around the world. 

We currently support over 1,000 sponsored students from more than 180 sponsoring authorities worldwide. Below you will find all the information you need to become a sponsored student at UNSW.

Who is a sponsored student?

A sponsored student is an international student accepted into a degree at UNSW which is fully paid for by a UNSW-approved Sponsoring Authority. All sponsored students at UNSW are subject to UNSW’s policies and procedures and Australian Government regulations, such as the ESOS Act, that govern Australian universities and their international students.

Students are responsible for organising and securing their own sponsorship. UNSW also has a number of scholarships available to apply for at scholarships.unsw.edu.au

What is a Sponsoring Authority?

A Sponsoring Authority is a government, non-government or corporate organisation that is recognised or approved by UNSW. The Sponsoring Authority agrees to provide funding for the tuition and education-related expenses of its nominees at UNSW for the length of their program of study.

An organisation becomes a Sponsoring Authority with UNSW by entering into arrangements with UNSW (such as a memorandum of understanding) or by approval from UNSW. Organisations wishing to become a recognised Sponsoring Authority need to submit an International Sponsorship Registration Form to the UNSW Financial Aid and Sponsorship Office (contact details below). We typically take around 3-4 business days to assess and approve registrations.

UNSW faculties seeking to make arrangements for sponsored students or Sponsoring Authorities should also contact the Sponsorship Office.

Who looks after sponsored students at UNSW?

Our Sponsorship Office, located within the UNSW International Centre, is responsible for providing assistance to sponsored students and sponsoring authorities. The Financial Aid and Sponsorship Office:

  • Acts as a liaison between faculties, students and sponsoring authorities
  • Provides a dedicated point of contact for sponsoring authorities for sponsored student-related issues
  • Undertakes academic monitoring and reporting for sponsoring authorities
  • Provides information and facilitates access to services for sponsored students
  • Coordinates and assists with financial arrangements and third party invoicing services (with assistance from the UNSW Finance Office)
  • Helps sponsored students to understand sponsorship regulations and obligations
Application process
  1. Apply for admission to UNSW through Apply Online. Try to apply well in advance of the advised application deadlines to allow time for sponsorship arrangements
  2. When applying online, complete the sponsorship section indicating that you will be sponsored. Select the correct Sponsoring Authority from the list provided
  3. Upload relevant supporting documents (i.e. transcripts, proof of English proficiency, etc.). Sponsorship documents can be provided at a later stage
  4. The UNSW Admissions Office or the UNSW Graduate Research School will assess your application. If the relevant entry requirements are met, students will receive a conditional letter of offer or a full letter of offer. Information will be provided on how to then proceed
Acceptance process

In order to complete the Acceptance of Offer process, sponsored students must provide:

  • International Sponsored Student Agreement Form
  • Financial Guarantee letter
  • Completed and signed Acceptance and Declaration Form (attached to your offer letter)
  • If applying for a packaged course (English Language program and a UNSW program) we will also need the electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE) issued by UNSW Global for the English Language component of the package

Copies of the documents you submit online should also be emailed to [email protected] for review and approval. We will then forward them to UNSW Admissions or the Graduate Research School and request the eCOE.

Once you are officially registered as a sponsored student, our office will liaise directly with your Sponsoring Authority regarding program-related tuition fees and any other associated costs. We will also keep the Sponsoring Authority up to date on your academic performance.

What is the “International Sponsorship Registration Form”?

The International Sponsorship Registration Form is used as the initial application form to confirm the Sponsoring Authority will fully fund the nominated student’s program of study at UNSW. Once a Sponsoring Authority has entered into an agreement with UNSW, they are no longer required to re-submit this form.

What is a 'Financial Guarantee letter'?

A 'Financial Guarantee letter' is an official declaration from the Sponsoring Authority that they will sponsor the nominated student's study at UNSW. It needs to be written on the Sponsoring Authority’s letterhead and include:

  • The Sponsoring Authority’s name and contact details
  • The student's name
  • The university’s name (UNSW Sydney)
  • The course name
  • Details of sponsorship (i.e. tuition fees, overseas student health cover for single/family)
  • Invoicing contact (name, position, address)
  • The signature and date of the authorised representative
How can I send my academic results to my sponsor?

The Sponsorship Office will automatically send your academic results to your Sponsoring Authority at the end of each term or semester, provided you have signed the International Sponsored Student Agreement Form.

Can I change my current University degree?

The Sponsorship Office must be notified of any changes to your degree. If you fail to notify us you may become liable for and incur the costs of tuition or education-related expenses.

To change degrees, a sponsored student must first obtain permission from their Sponsoring Authority. You then need to send a new International Sponsored Student Agreement Form and a new Financial Guarantee letter to [email protected]. Please specify in the email that you want to change your degree of study.

I failed a subject and need an extra semester to complete my course. Can I apply for an extension?

You must first obtain an extension approval from your Sponsoring Authority. You will then need to send a new International Sponsored Student Agreement Form and a new Financial Guarantee letter to [email protected]. Please specify in the email that you are seeking a sponsorship extension.

For further information about sponsorship
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