Undergraduate study

An undergraduate degree from UNSW is your passport to opportunities around the world.

Our undergraduate options

We have completed extensive research matching our world-class degree programs with opportunities in rapidly expanding and emerging industries all over the world. To undertake an undergraduate degree, you must have completed high school, secondary school, or a level equivalent in your country.


  • Bachelor degrees

    (3-4 years)

    Most bachelor degrees are three (e.g. Business, Science) or four (e.g. Engineering, Social Work) years. The three-year degrees, also known as pass degrees, typically provide the option of continuing to an honours program for a fourth year if your results are deemed high enough. To gain an honours degree, students undertake one year of research after their three-year bachelor degree.

  • Dual degrees

    (4-7 years)

    Dual degrees are when you study two or more disciplines and receive one degree when you graduate.

  • Combined degree programs

    (4 – 7 years)

    Combined degree programs involve the study of two degrees as one program under a single set of rules. When you graduate, you will be awarded two degrees.

Degree areas

We offer world class degrees across eight faculties

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