Friendly Harbour

UNSW has two study options if you wish to study at UNSW for 6-12 months:

Student Exchange

We partner with over 200 universities in over 35 countries to offer student exchange programs to students from Asia, North and South America and Europe.

Continue your studies in Australia by spending one semester or one year on exchange with us. We don’t charge any fees, although you continue to pay fees at your home university. On completion of your exchange, you receive a transcript of your studies at UNSW to assist with transferring credit back to your home university.

Find out more about Student Exchange at UNSW

Study Abroad

If you would like to study for one or two semesters at UNSW but your home university doesn’t have an Exchange partnership with UNSW, you can consider enrolling as a Study Abroad student. Students enrolling through the Study Abroad office pay tuition fees directly to UNSW.

Subject to a few restrictions, you can study almost any course offered at UNSW, provided you have the necessary prerequisite knowledge. You can study undergraduate or postgraduate courses, or a combination of both. On successful completion of your studies, you will receive an official UNSW transcript to assist with transferring credit back to your home university.

Find out more about Study Abroad at UNSW

UNSW has over 250 partner universities around the world. See if your current educational institution is a UNSW Partner.

Benefits of studying at UNSW

When you study at UNSW you will gain:

  • an excellent education in your chosen field
  • better prospects for a successful and fulfilling career
  • valuable skills in thinking, analysis, research and writing – essential to every professional line of work
  • tuition from leading experts at the forefront of teaching and research in their fields
  • improved English language skills
  • the opportunity to meet and make friends with other students from over 130 countries
  • access to world-class facilities such as libraries, science labs,...
  • the opportunity to get a taste of Australian culture, and enjoy great weather and beautiful beaches!

That's not all. When you complete your UNSW studies, you will join an international network of alumni – many of whom are acknowledged experts in their fields – that will serve you well throughout your life, personally and professionally.