As a minimum, undergraduate applicants will need to have a qualification considered to be equivalent to Year 12 (completion of High School) in Australia. Some equivalent qualifications are listed below. Aside from approved High School qualifications UNSW will also consider a range of other academic qualifications for entry to its undergraduate programs - these are referred to as University Pathways.

Though there are no specific prerequisite requirements for entry to UNSW undergraduate degrees it will be assumed candidates have studied certain subject areas in their last year of high school (assumed knowledge).

International Undergraduate Direct Entry Requirements

The direct entry guide is a guide only and actual entry points may be higher than those indicated. Cut-off scores may be increased should demand exceed availability of places in the program. The university reserves the right to vary entry requirements to those published without further notice. 

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Accepted Qualifications

The qualifications listed below will be considered for entry to undergraduate studies. Students are assessed on actual results achieved and not simply on their completion of the qualification. Applicants who hold one or more of the qualifications listed are not guaranteed admission. If you have completed a qualification not listed below please contact the UNSW Direct Admissions Office.

2016 Undergraduate Direct Entry Table    (149.9 KB)

Assumed knowledge for Entry to Programs
For some degree programs, and first year courses, it is assumed that students, through their high school studies or other equivalent study, will have achieved a level of knowledge of the subject area that is considered desirable for successful university - level study.

For example programs offered by the Business School, Engineering, Medicine, Science and Industrial Design in the Faculty of the Built Environment assume a satisfactory level of Mathematics at Advanced or Year 12 level. To enrol in some courses it is assumed that students have achieved a satisfactory level in English, Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry.

Generally speaking, students must demonstrate a level of knowledge which would enable them to continue studies at UNSW in those subjects. Medicine applicants should also have studied Chemistry at Advanced Level or equivalent.

For most programs offered by the UNSW Art and Design (Art Theory and Digital Media excepted), it is assumed that applicants will have demonstrated satisfactory level in Visual Arts at Advanced or Year 12 equivalent. Applicants not meeting this requirement are advised to submit a portfolio of their work with their application.

2016 Undergraduate Accepted Qualifications    (109.8 KB)

Alternate pathways to UNSW    (108.3 KB)