Bachelor of Engineering


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Honours in Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology)


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Bachelor of Commerce 


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Bachelor of Media (Communication and Journalism)


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We offer three types of undergraduate degrees:

Bachelor degree (3 or 4 years)

Most bachelor degrees are three years (e.g. Business, Science), but some are four (e.g. Engineering, Social Work). The three-year degrees, also known as pass degrees, provide the option of continuing to an honours program in a fourth year, subject to certain academic requirements.

Bachelor degree with honours (4 years)

To gain an honours degree, students undertake one year of research after their bachelor degree. This option is for students who are high achievers during their bachelor degree.

Dual degree (4 to 7 years)

The concurrent study of two (or more) disciplines as a single award. One testamur is awarded on graduation, e.g. the Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Education BABEd. Unlike combined degree programs, dual degree program rules do not allow for the award of a single degree for each discipline area studied.

Combined Degree Program (4 to 7 years)

The concurrent study of two degrees as one program under a single set of rules leading to the award of two degrees. Two testamurs (one for each degree) are awarded at graduation. An example is the Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws program.

More information about undergraduate programs of study can be found in our Online Handbook or on the Undergraduate page of the University’s main website.