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Study Abroad

You are invited to come and experience the opportunity of a lifetime. Study at UNSW Sydney for a uniquely Australian experience, whilst living and learning at one of the world’s leading universities.

Our Study Abroad Program offers a wide-range of academic courses as well as unique study opportunities to further enrich your cultural experience in Australia. You can start your studies in the Great Barrier Reef, do an internship or join an exciting research team.

Study Abroad at UNSW Sydney is a semester program and separate mobility stream from the Exchange program. Students enroll directly at UNSW and tuition fees are paid directly to the UNSW, either by you or your home institution.

For further information about the program, please review our 2018 Study Abroad Guide.

Explore UNSW Sydney

Well located within one of the top global cities, UNSW Sydney offers students the best of both worlds — world-class beaches and stunning parklands within a vibrant, cosmopolitan harbour-side city. Ideally positioned as the gateway to the Asia Pacific, Sydney is home to more global firms than any other Australian city, fostering an energetic business community and numerous opportunities for students’ academic and professional development.

The modern UNSW campus will be your home away from home during your studies abroad. With a range of housing options, diverse dining options, a grocery store, athletic facilities, easy public transit access, and a lively student community, the UNSW campus in the Sydney neighborhood of Kensington is a great place to live and study.

Entry Requirements or Eligibility

Students currently enrolled in an Undergraduate or Postgraduate Program

Students currently enrolled in a tertiary institution can apply for one or two semesters with the UNSW Study Abroad program. Applications will be assessed according to the following eligibility requirements:

Gap year students

Students who have completed high school or secondary level of  are eligible to enroll with UNSW Study Abroad for a gap semester or gap year in Australia. Students would be eligible to enroll in entry level classes, similar to any UNSW first year student. Gap year student applications will be assessed according to the following eligibility requirements:

What can I study?

As one of Australia’s top, comprehensive universities, UNSW offers a width breadth of courses across seven faculties:

  • Art & Design
  • Arts & Social Sciences
  • Built Environment
  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Science

For a full listing of the UNSW courses on offer, please visit the UNSW Student Handbook.

Our unique study experiences

Set yourself apart with our unique study experiences which provide opportunities to do an internship, study at the Great Barrier Reef, be a part of an exciting research team, or learn indepth about Australian culture, history, society and politics.

Spotlight on Australian Studies Courses

While studying in Sydney, why not take the opportunity to learn more about the people, history, and landscape that make up this unique country.

  • ARTS1840: Australian Politics in the Global Perspective (S1)
  • ARTS1190: Australian Legends: Introducing Australian Studies (S2)
  • ATSI1012: Aboriginal Sydney (S2)
  • ATSI1011: Indigenous Australia (S1)
  • BEES6601: Introduction to the Sydney Environment (S2)
  • GENL0250: Sport, Law, and Society in Australia (S1/S2)
  • MSCI0501: The Marine Environment (S1/S2)

Experience the Great Barrier Reef for Course Credit

Aviation and Sustainable Tourism (AVIA3900/SCIF3900) is a unique course designed to provide students with a field-led development of skills in comprehending and assessing the physical, social, and economic sustainability of societal decisions in the context of the Great Barrier Reef marine park. The course includes a field excursion to Lady Elliott Island prior to the start of Semester 1. Additional travel costs will apply.

If interested in this unique course offering, please contact the Study Abroad team for further information. Please note, this course is only available to Semester 1 study abroad students.


Interested in gaining hands-on laboratory experience and broadening your academic network? Consider enrolling in 6UOC of Research while studying abroad. Students will work directly with an academic in their area of study. Interested students should contact the Study Abroad team for further information on creating an application for academic supervision.


Students enrolled in the Study Abroad program can apply for an internship in the media or in a business workplace for two full days per week. Assessment will be based on workplace performance, journal submissions, a final research project, and an exit report.

The internship will appear as a class on the student’s official UNSW transcript. It will be weighted at 6 units of credit (i.e. equivalent to one course). Once a student receives their Study Abroad Offer Letter, they are eligible to submit an application for the internship course.

To apply, download and complete the application form and submit the completed form to the Study Abroad team along with the following supporting materials:

  • A certified copy of your academic transcript
  • Your current resume including information about relevant work or volunteer experience
  • Three references: two academic and one professional
  • 500-word statement outlining:
    • The specific area that you would like to be placed in
    • The skills you are seeking to develop from the internship
    • What you expect to learn and how this experience will benefit you

Please note that enrolment in an internship cannot be guaranteed before arrival as students must meet your supervisor in person before your placement can be confirmed.

Tuition and fees

Tuition fees for Study Abroad students are payable directly to UNSW. Students may elect to either enroll in 3 or 4 courses per semester. It is important that students check with their home institution about their university’s enrolment requirements. 

2018 Tuition Fees (per semester)
Undergraduate (3-Course Load): A$10,220
Undergraduate (4-Course Load): A$13,625
Combined undergraduate/postgraduate program (3-course load): A$13,500
Combined undergraduate/postgraduate program (4-course load): A$14,000
Postgraduate (3-Course Load): A$10,790
Postgraduate: A$14,385

Overseas Health Cover (OSHC)
All students are required by the Australian government to have OSHC medical insurance for the duration of their student visa with the exception of Norwegian, Swedish and Belgium passport holders. The Study Abroad team will purchase health cover on your behalf through Medibank Private. 

2018 OSHC Costs
One Semester: A$300
Two Semesters: A$600

Laboratory Fees
Students will be assessed an additional A$250 for each course that has a substantial laboratory component.

Apply now

Applications for the UNSW Study Abroad program are submitted through the Open Academies Endeavour application platform. To initiate an application, create a profile on the application system and follow the prompts.

For assistance with application submission, please refer to the Study Abroad Step-By-Step Application Instructions.

If your home university is a direct enrolment partner, please check with your advisor at home to see if there is an internal application you need to first complete.

Once your application is submitted, you will need to complete the following steps ahead of your arrival in Sydney:

  • Receive your letter of offer from UNSW Study Abroad
  • Accept the terms and conditions of your offer and, if applicable, pay your deposit and/or health cover (Overseas Health Cover) fees. UNSW Study Abroad will then send you a certificate of enrolment (CoE), the document required to apply for a study visa
  • Apply for UNSW Student Housing via the Study Abroad application portal if interested in living on campus
  • Apply for your student visa
  • Confirm your visa and book your travel to Sydney


The Exchange program is founded in the reciprocal exchange of students between UNSW and our exchange partner institutions. A UNSW student will remain enrolled at UNSW, pay UNSW tuition fees, and attend a partner institution. In reverse, a student from a partner institution will do the same and attend classes at UNSW.

To review a catalogue of our exchange partner institutions please visit the UNSW Global Education Partner Database.

Exchange students must be nominated to UNSW by their home institution. Please check with an advisor at your institution’s Exchange Office if you are interested in coming on exchange to UNSW.

If your home institution is not present in the exchange partner database, than please proceed to the Study Abroad program.

Research Practicum

The Study Abroad Research Practicum program is designed for students from both partner and non-partner institutions to undertake short term research visits at UNSW. 

Students may come for as few as two weeks and as long as a year to work underneath an academic supervisor. 

Tuition fees are payable directly to UNSW. 

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