Study Abroad

Experience what the world has to offer while studying.

The Study Abroad program is designed for students from universities that are not partnered with UNSW. Tuition fees are payable directly to UNSW. Study credit can be transferred to your degree back home.


Our coursework has been designed to maximise career success.

You can undertake coursework for 1-2 semesters at UNSW.

Fees and costs

Tuition fees for Study Abroad students are payable directly to UNSW. Per semester, they are:

  • Undergraduate: AUD $13,625
  • Combined undergraduate/postgraduate program: AUD $14,000
  • Postgraduate: AUD $14,385

Students are required to have medical insurance for the duration of their student visa (except holders of Norwegian, Swedish and Belgium passports). Study Abroad will purchase health cover on your behalf through Medibank Private. The cost is AUD $300 for 1 semester or AUD $600 for 2 semesters. An additional AUD $250 is applied to each course that has a substantial laboratory component.

Full time load required

Students are required to be enrolled in a full time study load. The vast majority of courses at UNSW are weighted at 6 units of credit (UoC). A typical full-time semester credit load at UNSW is 24 UoC, therefore the traditional semester course load is 4 courses. An additional tuition charge will apply should you undertake more than a full academic load of 24 UoC.

Students may also elect to enrol in 18 UoC at a prorated tuition rate, as this is still considered a full time study load. Students should have this approved by their home institution before completing their enrolment.

View our Study Abroad and Exchange Guide for more information.

Also, check the online timetable to ensure your courses are offered in your Study Abroad semester.

What can you study?

You can study almost any course at UNSW as long as you have the required background knowledge and you meet the English language requirements.

How to apply
  1. Create a student profile
  2. Start your application
  3. Submit your application online (providing supporting documentation including your most recent academic transcript in pdf format, ID page of your passport, and proof of English language proficiency, if relevant). You will receive an email confirmation
  4. Receive your letter of offer
  5. Accept your offer. Pay your deposit and/or health cover (OHSC) fees, if applicable. You will then receive your certificate of enrolment (CoE) for your visa application
  6. Confirm your visa and book flights to arrive 1-2 weeks before orientation

There are a number of scholarships and awards based on academic merit or financial need. Scholarships are only available to fee-paying students. If you would like an application form or more information about the scholarships below, please contact Study Abroad.


STA Scholarship
  • Open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • The scholarship grants the successful candidate AUD $4,000 towards tuition
Surf Camp Scholarship
  • Open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • The scholarship grants the successful candidate AUD $5,000 towards tuition


Transferring credit

As a student, if you intend to transfer study credit to your degree at home, you must have your home institution approve your enrolment as a Study Abroad student at UNSW Sydney. We highly recommend that you obtain confirmation in writing from your home university before you depart for UNSW Sydney.


Students enrolled in the Study Abroad program can apply for an internship in the media or in a business workplace for two full days per week. You will be assessed on workplace performance, a journal, a final research project and an exit report.

The internship will be shown on your official UNSW transcript on completion of your studies. It will be weighted at 6 units of credit (i.e. equivalent to one course). Students are expected to enrol in another 18 units of credit to make up the full time study load. You can apply for an internship once you have received an offer to be an exchange student. 

To apply, download and complete the application form and email Study Abroad with:

  • A certified copy of your academic transcript
  • Your current resume including information about relevant work or volunteer experience
  • Three references: two academic and one professional
  • 500-word statement outlining:
    • The specific area that you would like to be placed in
    • The skills you are seeking to develop from the internship
    • What you expect to learn and how this experience will benefit you

Internship applications are typically due immediately after application deadlines. Contact us to check whether it is still possible to apply (see below for contact details).

Please note that your enrolment in an internship cannot be guaranteed before arrival as you need to meet your supervisor in person before your placement can be confirmed. Fees are involved for the business internship.


Volunteering is a great way to learn more about an area of interest and boost that resume. As a Study Abroad student, volunteering placements are available in various fields including: 

  • Teacher’s assistant in local primary schools
  • Veterinary (assistants pre-vet/animal science/biology/zoology majors)
  • Play therapy at the Sydney Children’s Hospital
  • Conservation projects in and around Sydney
  • Community care working with the elderly and disabled
  • Administrative and marketing roles within not-for-profit organisations and for events

Placements are subject to availability. Contact us for information about these opportunities.

For further information, go to our UNSW site for volunteering.

ARC, the student association at UNSW, also communicates regularly to students about volunteering opportunities.

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Study Abroad and Student Exchange

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