Students on the University's main walk way during Orientation week

Exchange Expo

Come to the Exchange Expo on 21 April 2015 and talk to representatives from partner universities, consulates and organizations.

Information Sessions

If you are interested in opportunities abroad and you want to learn about all the different programs, regions and requirements, attend an Information Session to find out more. These sessions are Faculty focused and are optional.  

Information Sessions are also held for Bachelor of Commerce (International), Bachelor of International Studies and Bachelor of Science (International) students.

Information Sessions start from week 3, stay tuned for details.

Register for an information session.

Student Exchange Online Tutorial

If you have already decided you want to go on Student Exchange, find out how to apply by completing the online tutorial. The tutorial covers the application process, suggestions on how to research your options and you can download relevant forms. Completing the online tutorial is essential to apply. After completion you can access the logon details for your online Student Exchange application.

The online tutorial is available from week 2 of session. The enrolment key is GlobalEdStud2014.  You will also need your UNSW ID and password to access the tutorial.

For details on how to apply for other opportunities abroad, see Practicum Exchange and Global Education opportunities.

Student Advisors

Student Advisors are available to discuss your overseas study objectives. It is important you discuss your exchange preferences with the relevant Exchange Advisor as there may be courses restrictions or partner university requirements.

You can book an appointment with an Exchange Advisor once you have completed your Student Exchange online tutorial and started to research your exchange partner universities. There are 4 Student Exchange Advisors:

  • America
  • Europe (excluding Spain), and South Africa
  • Asia, Spain, Latin America, Israel and Oceania
  • UK and Canada

If you are interested in Practicum Exchange or Global Education opportunities (including short courses, study tours, conferences, internships), you should book an appointment with the Global Education Advisor.

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