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How does it work?

Student exchange is part of your degree. You remain enrolled at UNSW while on exchange and, at the end of your exchange, you bring a full-time credit load back to your UNSW degree. It does not add extra time to your studies.

A student exchange program is always a full-time workload, regardless of whether you’re enrolled full-time or part-time at UNSW.

The courses you take and pass at the partner university are credited back to your UNSW degree (to a maximum of 24 credit units per semester). However, the marks you attain in your courses are not transferred, and no credit is transferred for any course that you fail. Your transcript simply shows satisfactory for the courses transferred.

You receive a copy of the partner university’s transcript for reference.

Language proficiency

If you apply to a university where language proficiency is required, you should have studied that language at university level for at least two years. You may also be eligible if you have studied the language significantly outside of university or at high school level.

Some partner universities require you to do a language proficiency test.

How often can I go on exchange?

You can go on exchange no more than twice. The maximum total time you can spend on exchange is two semesters. In other words, you can either go on two exchanges of one semester each, or one exchange of two semesters. Before you can apply for a second exchange, you need to return from your first exchange. Please speak to an exchange adviser beforehand.

Enrolment while on exchange

For each semester you are on exchange, you will be enrolled in a 24 unit of credit exchange code or codes according to the courses you are intending to transfer back to your UNSW degree. This is for a full time load and will determine your contribution or tuition band fee rate for the exchange courses, and therefore the amount you will be charged. This amount is not negotiable, even if you take only 18 units of credit on exchange.

Before you go on exchange, ensure that you have removed all blocks on your record and paid any outstanding fines. Otherwise, we will not be able to enrol you. If you are not enrolled in the appropriate exchange codes or codes, you will not be able to transfer your credit back to your UNSW degree at the end of your exchange.

Aussie Mate Program

The Aussie Mate Program is a great way to get involved in the Exchange Community. Seize this opportunity to become a volunter to help organise the Aussie Mate Program and promotional activities of the Office.  

Volunteers contribute roughly 20 hours of their time over a semester. You will be given a book voucher, certificate of participation and reference outlining the activities undertaken. The Program is also listed on your Australian Higher Education Graduate Statement. If you think the program is right for you, please send your resume and a 200 word statement explaining why you would like to apply to