UNSW has 8th best online MBA program in the world

The Financial Times listed the online MBA program offered by AGSM @ UNSW Business School as 8th best in their prestigious annual list. 

AGSM entered their innovative MBAX program into The Financial Times (UK) Online MBA Rankings for the first time this year and is the only Australian business school listed.

Deputy Dean and Director AGSM, Professor Julie Cogin said: “While this is the first time we’ve been included in the online rankings, the result reflects our digital heritage and the fact we’ve been successfully running a world-class online program for more than 20 years.

“This result also highlights the strong performance of our online graduates as a critical part of our global alumni community. While we are committed to providing an academically rigorous program in a rich online learning environment, our ultimate goal is to prepare great people to achieve great things and provide a life-long community they are proud to be part of.”

In the value for money catego​​ry, UNSW came 4th in the world. Value for money was determined by return on investment considering the salary uplift before and after graduation as well as course fees.

“Enormous effort goes into ensuring that we offer a content-rich program that students can immediately use in their current work environments. The fact that the FT have acknowledged the value of a student’s investment is very satisfying.

“The teaching staff engaged with our online program consistently receive high approval ratings and it is pleasing that this has also been reflected in our ranking.”

AGSM has also consistently performed well in the “International Mobility” criteria of FT surveys, with AGSM ranked 5th in the world for the global employability of its graduates.

“We implemented some significant changes to the MBA offering in 2015 including the roll-out of specially-designed course content on iPads utilising the latest education technologies and to make the program more accessible than ever.”

Professor Cogin said it was very pleasing that UNSW’s PLuS Alliance partner, Arizona State University: Carey, also moved from 12th to 10th position in the online rankings this year.  

The PLuS Alliance is an exciting partnership between UNSW Sydney, Arizona State University and King's College London that will provide online and blended learning opportunities at these top-tier universities for students worldwide.

The FT Rankings have strict entry criteria and are based on a survey that consists of two parts; one that evaluates alumni salary and experience on the program, and the other, information about the school. The alumni surveyed this year were the 2013 MBT cohort, a program that was revised and renamed MBA (Technology) in 2015.​

Read more about the ​FT​ Online MBA​ Rankings results and methodology​.

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