Indonesian TV star to appear at UNSW conference

A star of Indonesian television is one of the guests visiting UNSW for the Indonesian Students Association of UNSW's ideas conference, ICON 2017

One of Indonesia’s most loved television identities will draw on his long and colourful experience in journalism to inspire UNSW students to make a social impact.

Andy F. Noya is one of the guests at ICON 2017, an ideas conference organised by the Indonesian Students Association of UNSW (PPIA UNSW).

Sometimes called “Indonesia’s Oprah Winfrey”, Noya hosts the long-running talk show Kick Andy, which highlights the life stories of ordinary people who do amazing things, rather than celebrities.

The program has a strong social conscience, and ICON spokesperson Yohanna Allenzia says that is one of the reasons PPIA UNSW is excited to have Noya headline the conference.

“All of our guests are aware of the condition of young people in Indonesia,” she says.

“There are many smart young Indonesians who study abroad but they choose not to go back to Indonesia.

“We are losing this resource and if this keeps happening, I don’t know who will build Indonesia.

“This is a big motivation for our speakers as well.”

UNSW has around 650 Indonesian students, the fifth largest group of international students.

The university officially opened its Jakarta office this month, to make it easier for young Indonesians to choose UNSW for their undergraduate degree.

Any profits from ICON will be donated to Jakarta-based children’s charity Rumah Harapan.

Other guests at ICON include terrorism expert Noor Huda Ismail, one of the masterminds of transport application Go-Jek, Alamanda Shantika, entertainer Daniel Mananta and singer Isyana Sarasvati.

ICON will be held on 27 May in the Sir John Clancy Auditorium. The talks will be given in Bahasa Indonesia. Tickets are $35, and available here

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