Bring your big idea to life


Had any good ideas lately? What did you do? Did you write it down? Did you tell a friend? Did you post it on Facebook?

Now, imagine if you could do all that and get a FREE trip to California!

When you’re a student at UNSW Sydney, this is something you can actually do.

At UNSW, we promote innovation. We don’t just talk about great ideas; we turn them into something real!

UNSW gives its students heaps of opportunities to make a change and inspire innovation, their latest offering is The Maker Games.

To sum it up, The Maker Games is a rapid prototyping competition. UNSW industry partners will put forward a challenge and it’s up to you to pitch your idea for a solution. You make your team, and the teams with the best ideas will be able to create their prototype and pitch to huge crowd of people. The team with the best pitch will get to travel to Silicon Valley, all expenses paid!

Silicon Valley is the famous Tech Hub of California, the birth place of the likes of Pinterest, Airbnb and Uber. we’ll make sure you see all the good stuff including a tour of the start-up community.

All of this, for a good idea!

And it doesn’t end there.

With UNSW, you could get full financial support for your idea; get a chance to bring your idea to life and you could have your very own start-up!

At UNSW, we want to inspire innovation and bring it to life. Ready for some inspo? See the exciting innovations we’re already fostering.

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