Breakdown of estimated living costs for one student per academic year* 
(Academic year = 37 weeks, all amounts are in AUD)
Weekly costShared house of flatOne-bedroom unitOn campus (college)
Mobile phone and Internet$25$25$22.50
Household products (cleaning, toothpaste)$10$10$10
Utilities (gas, electricity, phone)$20$20$0
Spending money$100$100$100
Average weekly costs$575$755$662.50
Total estimate (one academic year = 37 weeks)$21,275$27,935$24,512.50

*Summer break
In addition to the 37-week academic year, there is a 10-week summer break from December to February. (The other five weeks comprise student vacations, known as stu-vacs, and mid-semester breaks.)

If you stay in Australia during the break, you need to allow for an extra 10 weeks of living expenses. Of course, if you stay, you save on airfares back home and on the costs of having to establish yourself in a new house when you return to Sydney. You can also take casual or part-time work to offset your expenses.

How much do basic items cost?

Milk (1 litre)$1.50Chicken breast (1kg)$10.00
Bread ( loaf)$3.00Potatoes (1kg)$3.00
Can  of tuna$2.00Apples (1kg)$4.00
Restaurant meal$30.00Glass of wine$8.00
Movie ticket$16.00Beer$7.00
Movie rental$7.00Soft drink$4.00
Bottle of wine$15.00Cafe tea/coffee$3.50