The major expense for studying at UNSW is tuition fees. There are other expenses to consider.

Tuition fees

The Indicative Fees site estimates the fees for each degree per year. 

Application fees

To apply online costs AUD $100. Head to UNSW Apply Online. Paper-based applications cost AUD $250. To download the form, visit UNSW Apply Online.

Health insurance

While studying in Australia on a student visa, you need to buy health insurance known as Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the full length of your visa. There are a number of registered providers of OSHC. UNSW's preferred supplier is Medibank*. You can purchase Medibank OSHC online with your credit card or by money transfer via the Medibank website. If you have difficulty paying for your OSHC, please direct your enquiry to Medibank +613 8622 5780 (from overseas) or 132 331 (from Australia) for assistance.

*As per contract agreement with Medibank Private LTD, UNSW receives commission from Medibank Private LTD to act as a preferred supplier of Overseas Student Health Cover for all UNSW international students.

Textbooks and course costs

Textbooks are not a compulsory cost but you should budget about AUD $1,000 per year for them. Some courses have additional costs for expenses such as laboratory kits, field trips and equipment. These costs are usually compulsory and in addition to tuition fees.