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We prepare our undergraduates to become global leaders in architecture, planning and construction.

We are the most comprehensive built environment faculty in Australia offering a range of electives unmatched by any other university. You will learn from award-winning academics and industry leaders committed to designing and building sustainable, liveable cities. You will engage with business, government and community on real life projects often related to issues affecting Sydney, Australia’s largest and most cosmopolitan city. Our degrees combine creativity with a global perspective to further develop your passion and launch you into a successful career.
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UNSW Student Interview Session at Australia Option

Carrera 16 # 93a - 36 Oficina 503 Business Center, Bogota, Colombia

Lau Najari

Future Students Manager: Americas

[email protected]

UNSW Student Interview Session at OZI International

Calle 113 No. 11 A – 44 Botoga, Colombia

Lau Najari

Future Student Manager: America

[email protected]

Aspirations International Education Exhibition - Colombo
DAY 1: July 07,2018
10.00am - 05.30pm

DAY 2: July 08,2018
10.00am - 05.30pm

Hilton Colombo 2 Sir Chittampalam A Gardiner, Mawatha, Colombo +94-11-249-2492 FAX: +94-11-254-4657

For more information contact:

Julia Wibowo

Future Students Coordinator

[email protected]

Areas of interest

Undertake an undergraduate degree in the following area of interest.
Architecture and Design

Global opportunities

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Undergraduate options8

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Architecture and Design8

Bachelor of Architectural Studies
Degree code : 3261
Bachelor of Architectural Studies (UNSW - Tongji)
Degree code : 3264
Bachelor of City Planning (Hons)
Degree code : 3362
Dual degree options available
  • Bachelor of Planning/Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Computational Design
Degree code : 3268
Bachelor of Construction Management and Property
Degree code : 3332
Bachelor of Industrial Design (Hons)
Degree code : 3386
Bachelor of Interior Architecture (Hons)
Degree code : 3256
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Hons)
Degree code : 3381

Available scholarships and prizes

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